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Timeline of Starsplendor – Small steps to Success


2001  Starsplendor Foreign Language School was established.

2002  The 1st English website in Jinzhou city was Created by SSE.   

2003  Initial cooperate with international Schools outside Mainland China.

2004  Founded International communication center in the City of Qingdao City.

Mr. MengLi is invited to speak at the International Conference for Global language hosted by Daegu Language University in Korea.

2005  Established the 50/50 teaching curriculum that is the basis of the Starsplendor Training format.

2006  Dandong branch Opening

2007  Tiehejin branch Opening

2008  Collaboration with Longman English, hosting a Regional English Language Competition.

2009  Guta branch Opening

2010  Taihe branch Opening

2011  Developed a local hot-line for students and parents.

2012  SSE Documentary - Jinzhou TV

2013  Jiefang branch Opening

2014  International English Program with native English instructors.


2015  Shiyan branch Opening

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